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Shri  Gurumandir  Sansthan

Shri Nrusinha Saraswati Swami Maharaj Sansthan

Karanja, Distt. Washim,  Maharashtra,  INDIA 444105

Telephone # (07256) 222455 / 224755


Karanja is located in North-Central Maharashtra in Washim District.  It lies just off the main State Highways connecting Shegaon, Nagpur, Amravati, Akola, Aurangabad, Nanded, and Adilabad.  It is just 30 kilometers from the main Central Railway line from Mumbai to Howrah (via Nagpur).  There are various modes of conveyance to reach Karanja and they are as follows:






Karanja is located on the historic narrow guage railway (over 100 years old) between Murtijapur & Yavatmal. Pic courtesy - Atul Patel

By Railway - The nearest broad-guage railway stations to go to Karanja are Murtijapur and Akola.  These are located on the rail route between Mumbai and Howrah (via Nagpur).


From Mumbai - There are several

Karanja Rly. Station-Shakun tala Railway

Fares from Karanja

Shakuntala Express times  from Karanja

Superfast, Mail, & Express trains that ply between Mumbai and Akola or Murtijapur .











The journey by train takes approximately 12 hours.  After reaching Akola or Murtijapur, an hour's bus ride by the ST or private bus will take you to Karanja.  From Murtijapur, you can also hop aboard a narrow guage train from Murtijapur to Karanja on the Yavatal line - more popularly known as the 'Shakuntala Railway'.

From Pune - There is a Kolhapur-Gondia Maharashtra Express that goes via Pune and it takes approximately 14 hours to reach Murtijapur from Pune by this train.  





 By Air

The nearest airport to Karanja is Nagpur.  There are daily flights to Nagpur from Mumbai.  After

Indian Airlines


reaching Nagpur, one has to
board a Mumbai bound train to reach Akola or Murtijapur stations.  The journey takes approximately 4 hours.   After reaching Akola or Murtijapur, an hour's bus ride will take you to Karanja.  Alternatively, there are ST buses that directly operate between Nagpur and Karanja & the journey takes 4 hours.









Dharamshala (Lodging/Boarding House)

The Gurumandir Temple Trust operates a Dharamshala (Lodging/Boarding house) for out-of-town visitors to the temple.  This is located just across the temple and is free of cost to the devotees.

Temple Priests

 It is not uncommon for the temple priests to invite visitors to stay at their homes for short periods of time.  Please provide advance notice of your visit so arrangements can be made.