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Shri Gurumandir Sansthan Karanja

Shri Nrusinha Saraswati Swami Maharaj Sansthan Karanja

 Dist. Washim,  Maharashtra,  INDIA 444105

Telephone (07256) 222455/224755

This site is continuously being enhanced and updated to serve the devotees.  We will be periodically sending newsletters to devotees about temple events and special ceremonies at Gurumandir.  Keep coming for more features to this web-site.

We value your feedback and suggestions for improving this web-temple.  For comments and more information, please contact Gurumandir at:


(07256) 222455 or 224755




Address: Shri Gurumandir Sansthan

Karanja (Laad), Distt. Washim

Maharashtra, INDIA 444105






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